Stepping Stones uses three main pillars to develop each participant. The three pillars are Spiritual Formation, Community Life and Work Excellence. These provide a balanced and comprehensive approach to bringing youth towards maturity in Christ. Each program of Stepping Stones uses each pillar in designing the experience.

Spiritual Formation

“Spiritual Formation is the process through which those who love and trust Jesus Christ effectively take on his character.” – Dallas Willard 

To aid each Stepping Stones student in their spiritual formation, all participants are required to engage with a variety of God and ministry focused material in individual, small group, and large group worship and teaching experiences. Youth follow a program involving spiritual disciplines, prayer/quiet times, worship, Bible study, and reading.

Each program and enrolment level has different degrees of depth of content, areas of emphasis, and level of accountability related to the learning experience. Some levels of enrolment will have a higher degree of instructor-led curriculum while others are more self-directed in nature. As individuals progress through Stepping Stones they will be given the opportunity to learn both theoretically and practically.

Community Life

Our community of Christian fellowship encourages the growth of its members to fulfill their unique role in the body of believers. Students of varied ages live together in a university style residence system, creating a catalyst for older, experienced staff to teach and care for younger staff. Every student has the ability to learn responsibility, healthy life practices and interpersonal skills in a supportive Christian environment. 

To foster community, Stepping Stones also puts on fun weekly events that help students connect and relax with each other.

Work Excellence

In Stepping Stones, discipleship occurs in the context of work. Work is an important expression of our faith, as God has uniquely equipped each believer to serve the body of Christ. Opportunities for service vary greatly, from teaching children and youth, serving meals in the Dining Room, greeting guests at the Front Desk, or keeping the rooms and facilities looking clean and beautiful to managing campground registrations. 

The varied service roles that students work in play a key role in their learning experience. It is during these times of practical service that the Stepping Stones participants put into practice many of the things that they have learned, acquire many new skills, and make a lasting impact in the lives of guests. The number of hours students work varies by enrolment level, but on average, students can expect to work approximately 35-44 hours per week.